I am a professional photographer with over 40 years experience in architectural, industrial and general commercial photographic illustration. For nearly half of that time I have worked with Photoshop and digital imaging and editing. I also teach Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom classes in my studio and give presentations on digital imaging and photography to camera clubs and professional photographic organizations. I have been a platform speaker at professional organization meetings in PA and Florida, and was a national convention speaker at PPA in Las Vegas. I have won awards for images in competition including Kodak and Fuji awards, and a number of magazine publication honors. I have a Clio award for photographic illustration. All of this was accomplished in less than ten years after which I retired from competition.

I am currently still shooting assignments for selected clients, and teaching both private students and holding seminars in Photoshop related subjects at my studio. My website (http://www.brysonleidich.com) includes a special section on learning digital imaging with several articles I have written on the subject. More recently I have concluded that this approach will offer more people an opportunity to read my writings, hopefully to help them improve their photography and editing.

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