Website Articles Update


I have updated my website with all new articles in the Learning section. Most obvious is a replacement for the Lightroom overview pdf with a full set of eight articles. This is aimed at users of the Lightroom Classic desktop program. The Lightroom CC cloud based program has fewer features and uses cloud based image storage for remote access. I don’t address the functionality of the CC version. Other than that, the articles will apply to you regardless of the version you own.


The Digital Foundations articles have been expanded and better illustrated and are constantly in the process of updating. Some of the articles are entirely new, and the rest have been polished and expanded. The primary aim of the articles is not so much in depth as to familiarize you with various aspects of digital photography. This is stuff you should know.

The section on Blend Modes is valuable if you edit in Photoshop and want to know more about image control. Making something happen to your images is more than a few sliders and in depth editing means you need to know more than the basics. This is a great place to start expanding your editing capabilities.

There are a lot of other article including an explanation of layers and masks, image sharpening, composition and much more. Creative control over your images is what gets you past the snapshot to truly personal artistic renderings of your images.

At the top of the learning page is always the latest news about upcoming seminars and other presentations such as the Zoom online class on the Lightroom Develop module Wednesday August 5th at 7 p.m. This class is being presented in conjunction with the Hershey Public Library. Sign up with me by PayPal for only $15. The class will be 60-90 minutes long and get you more familiar with proper processing methods.

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