Intermediate Photoshop Rescheduled

The seminar on Intermediate Photoshop techniques at the Hershey Library scheduled for May 16 has been rescheduled for October 24th. Another reminder and outline of the program will be sent in early September.

Stuck at home? Of course you are. With the shut down in place many find themselves surprisingly busy, and others find themselves with free time. If you have free time I suggest you take advantage and learn some things you always told yourself you wanted to know more about.


If you are a photographer you might want to simply reread the instruction manual for your camera, flash or other tool to discover something you didn’t realize it could do. If you are into Photoshop, revisit some older images and see if there are other or better ways you could process them. Maybe just a different crop or a change in the mood or tone. Experiment with a technique you had trouble mastering. Play.

Have as much fun as you can until we can all be together again.


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