Intermediate Digital Photography Seminar – Digital Photography II

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Saturday, October 26th at 9:30 a.m. at the Hershey Library.

Something as simple as how you have your camera set (read: picture styles, picture control, creative style). While image style settings in the camera will produce a variety of modifications to your jpg files, they do not affect your raw files. This is why that crisp, punchy jpg on the back of the camera doesn’t appear when you open the raw file to process in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw. If you use the camera makers proprietary software it may apply some settings to emulate the image style, and Adobe software can emulate some of that as well, but not to the same degree.

Adobe raw processing is reverse engineering of the raw from the manufacturer, and the jpg preview you saw on the camera screen is not going to be the same. Just as the jpg preview on the camera is a processed file based on your style settings, the jpg preview of the file in the raw processor is based on certain settings you can choose from a menu, but they are the Adobe interpretation of the intent of the camera maker, not the identical processing.


One of the issues with some style settings on your camera is creating previews and histogram readouts that may not accurately represent the exposure you really want. Dynamic range optimization, increased contrast or color saturation and other settings can produce jpg previews that may mislead you into underexposing your images. This is the biggest issue as most photographers attempt to protect highlight detail. Often this is done to the extent that up to 50% of the possible image information is thrown away before you even open the raw file.

This is one of the topics we will discuss at the seminar. Others include understanding the histogram, aperture settings that will degrade your image sharpness, getting optimum depth of field, and answering questions you may have as well.

The seminar will also address processing raw file in Lightroom as an introduction to post processing for people moving to shooting raw files. The difference between raw and jpg is significant, and you should understand how you can get better images from your camera. Don’t turn an expensive camera into a point and shoot device.

The cost for the seminar is $40 per person payable at the door or in advance by registering for the class at the Hershey Library. If you do not register at the library, please email me if you intend to attend the class so we have an idea of who to expect.

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