Getting the most from YOUR raw files!

Imagine for a moment that you know everything there is to know about processing a raw file. No?

Which exposure in a bracketed series is the best?
Which slider should you move first?
When should you set the white balance?
What are black points and white points?
How do you best control contrast?
Can lens distortion be controlled automatically?
Why am I shooting raw in the first place?

Most seminars are valuable because you are exposed to processing steps you are not very familiar with. But you soon forget what you saw, mostly because you watched someone process an image nothing like what you normally capture. What if you could watch someone process your images, and learn something of real value?

If you have entered an image into competition and been surprised at the reaction of the judges to your work, maybe you are curious as to what they are seeing that you are missing. Why do photos you think are great score low to middle range scores when you were sure you had a winner on your hands?

Getting the most out of your photography requires shooting well in the first place, and then following through with processing that will produce a winning image.

My last seminar until next spring will be at the Hershey Library this coming Saturday, October 13th, 2018. The doors open at 9:30. Admission to this class is $40. If you are willing to share your images with others bring several, including brackets if you have them, on a jump drive. I will use your images for processing so you see what possibilities may hide in your files.

You can sign up at the library or simply show up on Saturday morning. You can also let me know you are coming by emailing me at The library likes to know how many people are coming so letting them or me know in advance is preferred.

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