Lightroom Seminar October 21

Lightroom has two basic functions: a database for cataloging images, and a raw processing engine for converting raw camera capture into usable images. Both functions are relatively complex in their capabilities and require some experience to be used well. At the same time, they are simplistic in the same manner that an individual tool is more easily understood than the whole toolbox full of possibilities.

The Develop Module in Lightroom will be the topic of my Lightroom Seminar on October 21st at the Hershey Library. I will demonstrate each panel in the Develop Module and each of the tools in the toolbar to clarify the use and variables involved to help you better understand their capabilities.

If you only play with a few sliders in the Basic panel you are missing out on a significant number of ways Lightroom can improve the quality of your images. Automatic fixes to image aberrations and rendering of your image more accurately with lens profiles is pretty powerful stuff and a simple click away. Correcting perspective can be done with automatic or hands on adjustments.

More important are ways to apply tonal adjustments to your images to make the colors and overall appearance of your images match your vision and not simply the way the camera saw your image. Adjustments can be subtle or radical depending on what you want from your images.

Understanding what you can do means making modifications to your images in a deliberate manner rather than simply pushing a few sliders around hoping for a better picture. Almost all of these features are pretty easily used once you understand what the tools do and how to best use them.

The Lightroom Seminar will be held at the Hershey Library, 701 Cocoa Avenue on Saturday October 21st, 2017. The doors open at 9:30 and we will start by 9:45. The seminar will run until about 1:00 p.m. The cost is $45 and you should sign up at the library in advance. If you cannot get to the library in advance, please contact Julie Brnik at 717.533.6555 ext 3717, or

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