Off Camera Flash Seminar September 27th in Carlisle, PA

The date is set for the off camera flash seminar in Carlisle featuring two master photographers, Bryson Leidich and Terry Blain.

The seminar is aimed at reducing the confusion surrounding using a flash off camera mixed with available (ambient) light for portraits. You will learn how to use existing ambient light effectively as fill light and portable flash units to create the look you want for your images. Terry_boy

Bryson is the technical guy and will show you simple methods for getting the right exposure and lighting balance every time. The biggest hurdle is avoiding bad light and moving your subject into light that will enhance your photograph, or making modifications to save the day.

Terry is the posing artist and will help you understand how to pose your subjects in conjunction with the background for an interesting composition. Marry that with good light and the results will sell and win awards.

Full information is available at this web page. Good lighting is what photography is all about, and knowing how to control your light is the key to success.

The seminar will be at the studio and grounds of Terry Blain in Carlisle, PA


Author: Bryson

Architectural/Commercial/Industrial Photographer - Digital Photography and Photoshop Educator

2 thoughts on “Off Camera Flash Seminar September 27th in Carlisle, PA”

  1. Hi Bryson:

    I wanted to tell you I picked up my framed print last week at Dave Adams framing….and in the course of conversation of the MidCentury Modern submissions he said he had others to frame and he mentioned you and Andy Hoff. When he showed me your photos, I wanted them right then and there! They were beautiful, and the colors were…..not sure what to say….colors that I’ve never seen before in photos. All I could say to Dave is I hope that don’t put my photo anywhere near yours….in fact, the first thought was to not participate 🙂 I truly think the Museum powers that be, will chose one of your photos as their official photograph, not to mention be the top winner.

    My photo is a portion of the old IBM building in Pittsburgh, now the United Steelworkers, is very abstract and totally out of my comfort zone….I know there is room for everyone, but am very surprised this was chosen at all….

    Your seminar sounds great, and I would love to attend, but I am not advanced, and don’t want to take the place of someone who is more involved than I, but would love to learn more about exposure, balance and posing.

    Also, I spoke to you many months ago about the flash I used on my film camera and you said it would be fine to use on the digital….right after that, the West Shore Photo Club had a meeting and one of the men near me mentioned he used a film flash on his digital and it fried the camera….when I mentioned what you said, he felt you knew more than he did (of course you do)….but now I throw this question at you…..can a film camera flash fry my digital camera? The camera I use is a Canon 60D and the flash is a Sunpak Auto 20000 DZ Thyristor….just want to clarify as I only have one decent camera body 🙂

    Have a nice day…stay cool!


    1. Mary,

      Your flash has a trigger voltage of 3V, which is safe, according to this chart
      Even so, I would want to test that myself to be sure.

      I recall the conversation. The point is not that a flash is a “film flash” – a flash is a flash – but what is the trigger voltage sent through the camera when you fire it. Many older flashes (“film flashes”) had very high trigger voltages and the cameras had actual wired circuits rather than the printed circuits we have today. Those higher voltages would “fry” the circuitry in modern cameras, and that is the problem.

      We will talk later about other things.


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