The Workshop/Seminar experience

This past Monday I was very privileged to be a featured speaker at the PPA of PA convention in Carlisle. On Sunday the speaker was Rick Sammon, Canon Explorer of Light, and his presentation was great as you might expect. I find it interesting to watch other presenters as I often find myself hearing words come from them that I might very well use myself in a similar situation. That is a way of saying that confirmation of your thinking coming from someone else is gratifying.


My program was on using Photoshop to enhance images without the use of plugins from other sources. I am glad to hear that the program was well received. I really enjoy sharing information with others, and in this situation working with other professional photographers to continue what we all work for – a continuing learning about our profession. There were a number of new members and some non-professionals there as well, and that is also a good thing.

I don’t think all amateur photographers need to join a professional organization to learn. That is the purview of the camera club. But it is somewhat disappointing that many newcomers to the profession are ignoring the professional organizations. I am a big fan of interacting with and sharing information with other photographers on every plane. I think it is especially important for professionals to share their expertise and to learn from one another. It helps all involved and ultimately serves the profession well by elevating the profession itself. It is also important that the creative input of the newer photographers keeps us old guys from getting stale and complacent with our image making.

I hope to organize some workshops in the future and hope to meet some of you at organization and club functions. I am always interested in and available to camera clubs for judging and educational programs. Anything that I decide to do in the way of workshops will be announced on my website and on this blog.

Thanks to the PPA of PA for welcoming me and letting me share my experiences with other professionals.


Author: Bryson

Architectural/Commercial/Industrial Photographer - Digital Photography and Photoshop Educator

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