Photoshop CC Raw Workflow Options Changes

There have been changes in the workflow options dialog in Photoshop CC that require your attention. These are tied to changes in the crop tool. In the crop tool you used to be able to specify output sizes beyond the presets by entering pixel numbers, inches or cm into the tool’s options. In the latest version of ACR that is no longer possible. The crop tool can provide you with aspect ratio choices, but no longer specific image sizes.

That control is now in the workflow options at the bottom of the image area in the raw converter (the blue link) and you will notice that there have been a number of changes in that dialog. The dialog is bigger and has four sections with options inside of an overall Preset setting which defaults to “Custom”. More on that at the end of this article.

ACR Workflow Options

The topmost section is the familiar color space and bit depth option. There is also a rendering intent and paper and ink simulation option which is grayed out unless you choose a custom color space for your printer profile in the color space area.

Next is Image Sizing with a default setting for the incoming capture. If you check the Resize to Fit box you get six options for how to handle resizing images. One example is to choose Long Side which changes the next option box to allow you enter an image size based on the width of a horizontal or the height of a vertical image in pixels, inches or cm. To the right you will be informed as to the output image size based on the specifications you enter in the box and the resulting file size. This is a handy option for producing consistent output of files to match a specific longer dimension regardless of the aspect ratio you choose in the crop tool. And, of course, you can enter the image Resolution as well. Explore the other options to see if they better fit your needs.

Next is the option to apply output sharpening to the image with the familiar options for paper surface and the amount of sharpening. If you are moving the image into Photoshop for more processing you should leave this turned off and handle the sharpening as part of the Photoshop workflow. The option is there should you be doing all of your image processing in raw and simply putting out a file to go directly to the printer. That would be used in conjunction with the rendering intent mentioned previously.

Finally, there is the option for opening the file as a Smart Object in Photoshop which is not new.

The Preset pull down at the top says Custom by default but has the other option to create a New Workflow Preset. Doing so and naming the preset so you can understand what settings have been changed will allow you to have easily recalled presets with a simple right click to the blue link and choosing your settings from a list. This will speed up and guarantee consistency in workflow options you may use often for specific output intentions.

The changes are easy to understand once you have run through the dialog and provide a much more logical control over the output from the raw converter.

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