Photoshop CS6, Lightroom5, and Raw 8.x

Photoshop CS6 used ACR 7.x as its raw processor. Typically, when new versions of Photoshop and Lightroom were released a new raw engine would also be released and further updates to the previous version would not happen. If you updated recently you should notice a change, and a good one. While Lightroom is now LR5, the new version of the raw processor is 8.x, but that upgrade has been made compatible with CS6 and you should see that available when you open a raw file.

While compatibility updates such as camera support and such will be available in CS6, new features will not show up in the CS6 raw interface. New features will be limited to CC and Lightroom. However, the compatibility of CS6 with ACR 8.x will mean a better experience if you are a Lightroom user and “Edit In” CS6. You will not be required to “Render Using Lightroom” in order to use CS6, especially if you use Smart Objects as the ACR 8 engine will be able to handle instruction sent from Lightroom. Newer features, however, will not be available for edit from a smart object.

I posted an article with more information on the Learning Page of my website for those of you who may want to know more.

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