Contrast Blend Modes Article Posted

The third article in my series on the basics of blend modes has been posted on the Learning Page of my website. This article covers the contrast modes, the most commonly used being Overlay and Soft Light. Blend modes can be used in Photoshop or Elements to make changes to images that would otherwise require more complex adjustments and they make life easier. Combined with some creative uses of layer masks they can be used to make some very refined modifications to your images. The three articles have also been refined so that they can be printed directly from the web pages. The images may not print correctly at page breaks and the rollovers will obviously not work, but the point of printing them out is to be able to read the text at your leisure.

The website has been redesigned as well and moves as much toward minimalism as I can and get the information into it. Updates are not done often but do reflect changes in scheduled classes, meetings where I will be making presentations and major local events related to photography that I am aware of.  New and improved portfolios are my next target area.


Two of my images have been accepted into the Doshi Gallery exhibit “Contruction/Deconstruction” which is hanging in the PA State Museum until December 1st. The Art of the State exhibit is also hanging at the museum so this is a good time to visit and view some excellent offerings including some fine photography.


Author: Bryson

Architectural/Commercial/Industrial Photographer - Digital Photography and Photoshop Educator

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